Creating Windows Of Colour In The Community

During the current pandemic we are all living in uncertain times with each new day taking us into uncharted territory. It is at times like this that community really does come to the fore and having been a family business in and around Hinckley for over 100 years, we know how strong our local community is.

As Joseph Barsby, Managing Director of G. Seller explains, “There are so many wonderful things going on in our towns and villages to help others but with so many people staying at home we wanted to do something to make a difference, to celebrate our local heroes and to show them that there is a lot of love for what they are doing to help protect and save lives, from those on the front line at hospitals to essential workers providing food to the supermarkets and those supporting charities to name a few.”

“The children of our staff have already been creating pictures that are now proudly on display within our windows in Hinckley but we wanted to do more and get more people involved. To that end, with community spirit and support in mind, we have created some templates that can be downloaded, coloured in and displayed in windows around our towns and villages.”

The aim of this community campaign is to create ‘windows of colour’ and a ‘showcase of support’ to cheer up those key workers as they drive past on their way to another shift, or on their way home.

As Joseph adds, “There is so much support within the community for everyone that is helping to make a difference and fight the virus and what better way to show that love and support than windows of colour and appreciation. We know our community and the people within it really do pull together at times of need and we wanted to do something to make a difference. It will be uplifting for everyone to see the pictures too.”

People are also being encouraged to shared their images on social media using the hashtags #WeCare and #ProudofAllOurHeroes.

As Joseph concludes, “It is important that we come together as a community and thank those that are making a difference. I would also like to add that I am immensely proud of our team who are continuing to act with compassion and pride working with families at their time of need to and for them to know that they too are making a difference each and every day. This campaign enables us to show support for everyone making a difference and it is also a great opportunity to ‘spread some colour across our town’ too. We look forward to seeing the collection of pictures grow on social media.”

Download one of the three templates, colour them in and put them proudly on display in your window for everyone to see. Let’s spread some colour and show people how much we all care.

There are three templates to choose from with the headings; Our NHS Heroes, Thanking Our Key Workers and Proud of Hinckley’s Heroes.

We look forward to seeing lots of coloured in pictures proudly displayed in windows throughout Leicestershire!